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Many mm like to take self-portraits, but the photos are often a little flawed, so mm are all want to pass post-processing, so that the photos become more beautiful. This PS tutorial will introduce some basic Photoshop photo processing methods, I hope you like. This PS tutorial is suitable for Photoshop beginners to learn.

First look at the contrast effect:


Final effect:

1, use the Imitation Stamp tool to remove the spots on the character's face. Click the ALT key to place the face clean, then release the ALT key and smear the spots, as shown in the picture.

2, press the CTRL+J copy a layer, and then set the layer of blending mode for the filter, opacity of 50% or so, use the photo to lighten some, as shown in the picture.

  • PS image processing
  • PS Whitening tutorial
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