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In addition to preparing a good work in the early stage, but also to understand the principles and skills in the latter stage, the two sets together, can create a good picture. This time, please Laike male examples for you to share in detail later experience, teach you how to quickly create a sweet sugar tablets

There are many ways to color the colors, and everyone has a different approach. I tend to use the "laminating" technology, that is, the use of a number of complete duplicate layers to the required part of the palette, in the process of blending and coordination, and finally through the mask selective retention of the adjustment results, the final form of uniform and changeable color result.

Compared with many other methods, this kind of "laminating" technology can help to maximize the output of each operation and increase the coordination of adjustment. Through the clear and implementation of this technology, in the surrounding team has achieved good results and efficiency.

Since this technique is to create duplicate layers on a regular basis, you may want to create an action that simplifies subsequent operations.

The use of a script to automatically create a "laminating"

1.1 First, open a file randomly, as an action dummy to create an action.

1.2 Alt+f9 Pop-up Action panel, click New Action button

1.3 In the New Action dialog box that pops up:

Enter action name: such as "Ke Man plastic film"

Assign a shortcut key that you think is comfortable

1.4 then click "Record/record" to enter the action video mode.

1.5 Copy a layer using the shortcut key Ctr+j

Note that you do not use the Copy Layer command at this time. The copy Layer command can only copy the entire layer, and the ctr+j is copying the layer, and when there is a selection, the actual effect is to copy the selection and paste it into the new layer. When a selection is not present, it acts as a copy layer. Therefore, using the CTRL+J command when recording this action will have a wider applicability.

1.6 Make sure that the newly created layer is selected, click the Create Mask button to create a transparent bitmap mask for the layer.

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