Photoshop Getting Started Tutorial: font installation and usage-PS tutorial

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If all the fonts we get are installed in the font folder, it will inevitably increase the system load and affect the system running speed. this will solve how to make it easy to use without occupying disk C, especially in the use of photoshop, we can solve it in several parts. 1. we recommend that you do not store the font files in drive C to save the fonts we have. If all the fonts are installed in the font folder, the system load will inevitably increase, the speed of the system is affected, so it is necessary to solve the problem of not occupying the space of the C disk, and it is very convenient to use, especially in the use of photoshop. we can solve it in several parts.

1. file storage

We recommend that you do not store the font files on drive C to save space on drive c. of course, if your computer has a high configuration and sufficient space, let alone. We can create a folder with other drive letters, such as D and E. Tens of thousands of fonts cannot be used. copy the commonly used fonts to a new folder for future use.

2. space-saving font installation method

First, go to the C drive -- WINDOWS -- Fonts folder and click File -- install the new font. See

In this case, a "add font" dialog box is displayed. find the path of the folder where the font is stored separately and click "select all". Note that the check box before "copy Fonts folder" must be removed, then click "OK" and the font will be loaded. In fact, we have not installed the font, but it is just a shortcut. See
3. it is rarely used at ordinary times. in special cases, you do not need to install the fonts that must be used. you can open the font file first, and then open PS. let's take a look, the font has been waiting in PS. is it very convenient.

4. Photoshop is like a donkey. I have spent a lot of effort on installing the font. I don't recognize many of them, especially most of the fonts of hand Ding, which can be found in Office and in Notepad, I can't find it in PS alone. I'm a server, so I have to ask someone else to solve it.

5. there is another question about the input method for typing in Photoshop. if your font is simplified, you need to use the simplified input method. if your font is traditional, you need to use the traditional input method, otherwise, the words are not displayed ,? And garbled characters.

If the input method is correct, the above problems will not occur. See

6. There are a lot of beautiful fonts, but they cannot be typed. Unfortunately, they are incomplete fonts and can only be replaced by similar fonts.

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