Photoshop gives a light orange tutorial to country figures

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There are many quick ways to color colors in monochrome or two-color images. As the following tutorial, the author uses a gradient mapping layer to pull out the desired orange-red main color, and then fine-tune the image of the light and shade, add some high brightness can get very beautiful effect picture.


< small map view big picture >

Final effect

1, open the photo, copy a layer. To create a gradient map adjustment layer for it, the color is set to the following figure, determine the layer blending mode to "hue", the effect of the following figure.

2. Create a new blank layer, press CTRL + Shift + ALT + E-Stamp layer then press CTRL + Shift + ALT + 2 to bring up the layer highlight selection, create a new blank layer and fill the orange, set the layer blending mode to "color filter", this step is to reduce the light color, highlight the brightness, the effect of the following figure. Photoshop Tutorials

3, press CTRL + J to copy Layer 2, and get the FU step layer. Change the blending mode of the replica to "Dot light" and the opacity of the layer is: 50%. This step is to adjust the picture in the sky high light section, so that the sky does not look so pale, the effect of the following figure.

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