Photoshop gives a portrait a fine textured complexion

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In fact, the method of skin repair is very simple, only need to be careful, carefully refers to the image is not always put to 100%,200% to decorate, this is meaningless. More is the idea of the character structure and light and shadow processing. For more clean and smooth skin is the idea of the overall cleanliness of the picture and to a certain extent the details of the processing can be.


Final effect

1, use camera raw to open the picture, through the basic panel to find the skin cosmetic effect of the general direction. The parameters are set as shown below to make the model's skin look more textured with the above adjustments.

2, use Photoshop to open the picture, copy the picture a layer, the picture on the upper left of the gray with the clone stamp tool to repair, the top right can create a new layer, using the gradient tool set to black to transparent gradient fill, cover out the gray part, the effect can be adjusted to the gradient layer.

3, the background of the fan brightness is higher, for the main character, some eye-catching, add a layer, using the gradient tool, set to from black to transparent, pull out the gradient to make the fan dark. Can see the background fan's modelling, but will not be very eye-catching, affects to the main body observation, this is we want the effect.

4, the following treatment of the main characters of the skin, the first step to the character face of the acne and wrinkles of the region to choose, and then dragged to the normal area.

5, the character to dirty after the use of neutral gray layer to repair the shadow structure of the face, click the layer > New > Layer, set the mode to soft light. , tick the fill soft light neutral color, click OK, and you will get a neutral gray layer.

With the deepen, the Dodge tool sets the range to midtones and the exposure is set to 1%-5%. Use the Dodge tool to smear the area on the neutral gray layer on the dark surface of the character, and the bright area uses the burn tool. Use this method to adjust the light and shade of the character's face, make the skin of the character face more whole, smoother.

6, the character face has been relatively clean, but there are some deviations in color, the right person's canthus area and hair line area appears to be blue, which will make the characters feel bad skin. In addition to making the characters look very smooth skin, but also to make the color look more smooth. Create a selection for these green areas, feather it, and adjust the color using the color Balance command or an optional color command.

7, because the picture is a make-up film, so you need to strengthen the makeup of the characters, the model skin has a light eye shadow, using lasso tool to create a selection of the shadow parts, use color Balance command for the model makeup.

8, the use of eye shadow method for the model to fill the blush, build color yellow orange, and finally use the Brush tool box rubber tools for subtle adjustments. Bright area color is lighter, dark area color is darker, such personage face looks like will be compared three-dimensional.

9, the following to enhance the texture of the skin, the use of color commands to make the character skin appear thick.

10, the skin has become heavy, but the texture is not strong, the following on the characters of the high light, light, the middle of the dark part of the adjustment, so that the light brighter, darker dark, so the characters will be more stereo.

11, through the above methods, adjust the middle of the gray area, the use of curve adjustment layer to the middle gray area of the dark. Pull out the dark part and use the curve to adjust the layer to darken the dark area. The texture of the character's skin becomes more intense after this adjustment.

12, now the skin more refined treatment. Continue to build neutral gray layer, using the deepening Dodge tool to adjust, this step is only to fine-tune the details of the characters, so to put to the last. Make the skin more smooth.

13, the final grinding of the skin treatment, new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer. Using the Clone Stamp tool, the opacity is adjusted to 4%, and preserving texture does not mean that the texture of all areas of the person should be preserved, but rather that the characters are not as visible as the pores and wrinkles.

14, the body of the person in the face, the bodies appear to be relatively bright, open a quick mask, in the fast mask editing mode, using the Gradient tool, from the lower right corner pull black to transparent gradient, out of the quick mask editing mode, use curve command to crush the body parts of the characters.

15, the character skin color fine-tuning, create curve adjustment layer, skin some purple, in the curve adjustment panel to choose the blue channel to lower the curve, add red to the image.

Final effect:

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