Photoshop gives people cosmetic skills to build a demon figure

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With the temperature gradually rising, again to the beautiful mm Big show stature of the season. Every mm wants to have the devil's body, but if she's not good enough,

What do you do when you take out a picture? Don't worry, we're giving you three-dose Photoshop today!

One, the thin face god Dan


Effect chart

PS Tips: Mask plus free deformation tool, fast thin face

Open the example diagram, the face of this example mm because of wide-angle distortion and a little bit fat, it does not matter, simple two steps, but also her charming little face.

1. Use freeform tool to finish thin face

First create a layer copy and press Ctrl+j to copy the background layer. Then, find the free Change tool (or press ctrl+t) in the Edit menu, and drag the

Manipulate handles to shrink the picture horizontally. How, MM's face is not become thinner (Figure 1)?

Now, the face is thinner, but because the size of the layer after the deformation is inconsistent, resulting in image overlap on both sides of the image, this problem requires

Use the mask to solve the.

2. Use masks and brushes to repair image overlap

Create a layer mask at the background copy layer, as shown in figure:

Then select the white mask, set the foreground color of the brush tool to black, and use the brush to smear where the image overlaps in the picture.

The overlapping images immediately disappeared (Figure 3).

Carefully check whether there is still image overlap problem, and adjust the brush size to smear, after the above operation, we can thin face come true. Look at the effect, it's not bad.

Tip: When masking a mask, you can reduce the opacity, flow, and hardness of the brush to create a smooth transition effect.

Second, thin waist sacred grass

  Photoshop Tutorial artwork

Effect chart

PS Tips: Use liquefaction tools to reshape the perfect waist

Open the example diagram, as shown in Figure 4, because of the shooting angle and clothing relationship, mm waist slightly plump.

It does not matter, in the PS menu bar to find filters → liquefaction, and click to open the Liquefaction tool interface. We choose to use the Forward transform tool and keep the right argument

As the default value.

Then, when you move the mouse over the screen, a brush icon appears immediately, and you can use the Forward transform tool where you want to change the shape.

For the smear, in this case we adjust the waist of the mm to modify.

As shown in Figure 5, we hold down the left mouse button to drag the brush to the direction of the arrow slowly smear, improve the waist shape, the waist inward tightening.

Press the Bracket key on the keyboard to adjust the size of the brush to precisely control the range of deformation. Adjustments must be kept in mind to observe the size of MM changes, to prevent excessive adjustment.

How, mm waist curve is not immediately become beautiful?

Three, thin leg shen Tang


Effect chart

PS Tips: Magical "free deformation" tool quickly thin waist

For the photo in the mm leg, in PS, using the "free deformation" tool only one step, less than a minute to easily handle.

Open the example diagram and press the "CTRL+J" combination to copy the background layer, and we get a copy of the layer-"leg layer" (Figure 6). Then, we select the "Leg layer",

In the Edit menu, find the Freeform tool, laterally shrink the "leg layer". So, we get a pair of slim and beautiful legs, OK, it's done.

Tips: This method is suitable for the background of simple picture adjustment, with other tools, can achieve a more perfect effect.

Finally, I wish to hope that the friend of MM favor in the field of photo processing has become, hehe!

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