Photoshop Grinding Tutorial: A tutorial on the methods of dealing with people's skin

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About the people's skin treatment, said the blunt is "grinding skin." There are many ways to "rub skin", but now the method of treating the skin is using the "fuzzy" command,

In fact, the application of "fuzzy" There is nothing wrong, but the method and its way, there are many deficiencies. For example, a lot of photos, the skin is treated to see the feeling is not like the skin, very much like "soap",

Which is too oily and without the details of the skin.

In the process of skin processing, attention should be paid to the details rather than the method. Many methods, the network on the treatment of skin methods no less than 10 kinds, but this is mostly other people's methods and experience, not to try everyone,

Because the mastery of tools and flexible application is usually the key to dealing with portrait photos, especially skin.

This is a standard portrait, but the magnification can see a lot of flaws in the skin, these are we after a photo, the later need to adjust. These adjustments are not just simple treatment of the skin,

Also include the details of the processing, so that a very ordinary photo processing after the completion of a professional look.

Effect Chart:

In the late adjustment, the commonly used tools are not complex, including: repair brush tools, patching tools, stamp tools, and masks and other common tools such as fuzzy commands to operate.

The specific methods are as follows: Category:

    • PS Image Processing
    • PS Grinding Course

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