Photoshop has a transparent green hue for beauty apples

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This article mainly focuses on two aspects of the adjustment, on the one hand, the character of the adjustment, the character's skin tone adjustment of crystal clear, on the other hand, the characters alongside the Apple into a green hue, through the original we can be more familiar with the process of color matching how to grasp the details of the processing. There are tutorials just to provide some ideas, we can according to their own ideas to expand, so as to better learning and progress, there are questions in the post behind the question, I will try to help everyone to answer, but we do not ask some of the principle of the question, I also in the exploration ...

First look at the original image and effect map:

1. Use Photoshop to open the original artwork, copy one layer (layer 1), into the portraiture filter for grinding and slightly darker color, if not please look at my previous posts

2. To establish a curve adjustment layer, respectively, for several channels to adjust, as shown:

PS: This step is mainly to change the color brightness of apple and Beijing contrast, so you need to brush the part of the white background to erase, remember to rub on the layer mask, and then the next non-Apple gap place, reduce the opacity to wipe, specific can refer to the final layer screenshot:

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