Photoshop HD seaview wedding photo Studio Color Matching Course

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Effect Chart:


1: Copy Layer-Shadow high light, the overall color uniformity, attention to the details of the dark, parameters such as figure.

2: Copy Layer-Blending mode (color filter) to highlight the overall photo.

3: The pressure is too bright parts, first use color range to extract the overexposed selection, in feather (10 pixels)

Use curves to darken (curve parameters as shown).

4: Enlarge the photo, the character clothes in the background excessively uneven, has the obvious bright area, uses the curve (parameter as the picture) suitably presses the dark

Fills a curved mask with black (full masking curve operation data) in the Brush tool (opacity 10% flow 60; foreground color is white, background color is black) wipe around the clothes and make the clothes and background too soft.

5: Highlight the color of the person, color level (set parameters such as figure) pull the white slider to the left.

6: The overall highlight, color level (parameters such as figure) pull the white slider to the left to move, pay attention to observe the characters face high light and water not too!

7: Overall saturation, go ash; hue saturation-full picture: Saturation +43

In the hue saturation, the eyedropper tool, absorbs the skin color obtains: Red 2 (Hue +6) lets the complexion turn yellow!

8: Photo filter, Color #:008aff

9: Adjust the water surface and stone color optional color-yellow (cyan-100%; magenta-45%; yellow-39%; black +66%)

Green (cyan + 91%; magenta-64%; yellow-100%; black +5%)

Cyan (cyan + 91%; magenta-40%; yellow -100%;)

10: Put the prepared sky material in, layer blending mode (multiply) in the add mask to wipe out the details of the photos

(You can use the gradient tool to pull out the rest of the bottom, in the Brush tool on the mask to wipe the head out of the person)

11: The blue point of the color of the sea and sky, optional color-cyan (cyan-52%; magenta-42%; yellow-76%; black +35%)

12: Overall palette, optional color-red (cyan-23%; magenta-16%)

Yellow (cyan-31%; magenta-40%; yellow-71%; black-2%)

White (cyan-14%; magenta-17%; yellow + 12%; black-27%)

13: Color balance-middle tone (red +6 green 0 Blue +10)

Highlights (red +3 green-5 blue-6)

14: Crush the photo, add a blank layer-fill pure black-blending mode (overlay)-Reduce layer fill: 20%-layer Add mask-draw layer mask with brush tool,

Wipe the darker parts out.

15: Photo Filter-Color # (EC8A00)-concentration 28%-Lower layer fill: 51%.

16: Use imitation stamp to modify the photo, in the liquefaction of the type and chest.

17: Create a 50% neutral gray layer-blending mode (soft light) draw the layer with the Brush tool (the foreground color is black, the background color is white, it is dark; the foreground color is white, the background color is black, it is highlighted;

You can change the foreground color and background color of x to modify the light and shade, because color picture color is many, may build an observation group, after finishing the observation group glasses points off.

This step is short, if you do not understand, you can see "Zhouchun Business Adjustment Course" has detailed explanation

18: Press the dark around, new layer-fill pure black-reduce layer fill: 10%-Add mask-use brush tool to erase characters.

19: Overall saturation, gradient map-select black and white bar-lower layer fill: 30%

20: White part of the light, optional color-white (cyan-42%; magenta-38%; yellow-9%; black-10%)

21: Color Balance-Shadows (red +5 green 0 Blue +3)

Middle Tone (red +1 green 0 Blue +9)

Highlights (Red-7 green-1 Blue-7)

22: The sky circle up appropriate highlight white, optional color-white (black-25%)

23: The sky circle up appropriate highlight white, optional color-white (black-25%) Effect chart complete

Final effect!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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