Photoshop High/medium/low-key picture histogram understanding basic Course

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Histograms are used to quantify the amount of exposure, also known as a columnar graph, and a two-dimensional coordinate diagram. The model axis represents the brightness in the image, from left to right, and from black to white. The vertical axis represents the relative number of pixels in the image that are in the range of brightness. When the color blocks in a straight square figure are biased to the left, The overall tone of this picture is dark, but also can be understood as photo exposure. When the color block is centered on the right, the overall tone of this picture is light, unless it is the need for special tones, otherwise I can understand that the photo is exposed. A good picture should have all the details, and in the histogram, the color blocks are distributed from left to right, And the peak on both sides to the lowest, that is, the two sides of the histogram is not welt.

A digital picture of a middle-tuned portrait

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