Photoshop History Brush Rubbing Skin Method Tutorial

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Portrait grinding is a sad topic!

We have to face the model, it is impossible to have perfect skin, so the skin is the problem we all have to face. But as soon as we touch the skin, we think

A lot of complex words, Gaussian blur, mask, transparency, too complex. These complex PS functions and pendants, for the master, just

A technical barrier. But for the rookie, it's a very, very sad topic.

But today's simple tutorial can make all this pain go away.

The bug tutorial has two features: 1, make sure you can finish three minutes (more than three minutes, too painful); 2, make sure you can finish it in a minute.

This is the preface, now start.

OK, let's start with PS to open the photo and then copy a layer.

The copy shortcut is Ctrl+j

Copy the layer, select the blending mode in the "filter", and then adjust the transparency next to it.

The process is actually to brighten up the photo.

When you are finished, merge the layers. The shortcut keys for merging layers are ctrl+e

The third step.

Into the filter "blur" Gaussian Blur

Then select a suitable parameter. The experience of this parameter is, if mm freckle more, choose 7~10, if mm originally very good skin,

Just choose 3~4, and do more experiments on your own.

Fourth step.

This is the key step in the history on the right, just this step, right click, then select "New Snapshot", and then confirm.

Speaking of which, I'll stop, the following is a discussion, not counted in three minutes.

We know why most tutorials have Gaussian blur and masks, or what they actually wear.

That is true. The easiest way to do this is to duplicate a layer and then blur the layer Gauss, and set the layer to "filter

Color blending mode, which is to overlay a blurred image onto the original image. The advantage of doing this is simple and fast, but the disadvantage is that the eye

has also been blurred.

Then think of the mask, the mask is actually a local layer, the shape of the layer you decide. So everybody make a mask, this mask

The area is the defective skin part, and then only for this part to overlay the Gaussian blur layer.

And what we're going to do next is a very clever and concise alternative.

Fifth step.

This is the least thing to do.

Roll up the history record, find the snapshot, and click on the left.

People familiar with PS understand that we are in fact the Gaussian blur layer, set to the "history brush" target coating.

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