Photoshop Ice Text effect

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Photoshop Ice Text effect

The tutorial will teach you how to create your own cool style text in Photoshop using some textures step-by-step. I've looked at a lot of tutorials, and I've found that they all have a common drawback, that the tutorials don't clearly point out why an effect should be done and what the author thought and thought at the time.

OK, let's cut the crap and go straight to the topic. First, let's introduce some tips for creating graphic styles and effects.

Don't be misled by names

When you open the Photoshop Layer style panel, you will find the name of the effect, such as shadow, inner glow, inner shadow, and so on. But don't be misled by these names, and unlike what you see in your eyes, these effects actually have more powerful features. You can use projections for a flat shape to create a starting light effect or a 3D stereo effect. This is only a small part of these effects. Keep looking down and you'll learn all the features of these effects.

"Appearances are deceptive tricks, remove the veil, and discover the real potential!"

All effects 100% can be customized

You are free to adjust any number of effects such as curves, tones, blending modes, colors, intensities, saturation, transparency, and none of these values are randomly displayed. The only thing you need is patience and attention to detail.

"You have the ability to change everything. The tool is in your hand, as far as the result depends on you! "

The default effect is like a nightmare

The default value provided by Photoshop is only for you to understand its effect. Never take these default values for granted. Designers just need to find the way to set each effect, and your work will definitely stand out. Each time you open the effect panel, try to find ways to improve your design.

"Be sure to do better than yesterday, then tomorrow's will be more!"

Remember these three points and apply them to your design work, which I believe will be a great way to improve your Photoshop skills. Believe me, this approach is like a magic, I've done it.

Let's take a look at the effect we're going to make today:

It looks complicated, doesn't it? As I mentioned earlier, don't be misled by these effects, look at the steps below and you'll know everything. Let's get started.

First step:

Let's start with the simplest shapes, and it's pointless to add details at the outset. First, create the most basic shapes. If you create a beautiful shape without adding any effects, this is a very good start. Like a building, you need to have a good foundation so that you don't collapse easily.

Open Photoshop,ctrl+n to create a new canvas. Choose the size and resolution you need. The size is not too small, so we can see the details.

2nd Step:

In this design, we want to create an effect of StarCraft text. First download and install the StarCraft font. We fill the background color with light gray to replace the default white, so that the white background and text contrast too strongly.

3rd Step:

Adds bevel and emboss effects to text. The default numerical effect is definitely not what we want, we need more intense effects, and that will be more impact. Increase the "size" of the value, pay attention to see how the edges and corners of the font become clear. Size selection of 20px is more appropriate. (font size is different, you need to set the number will be different, the specific circumstances of their own grasp.) We need sharp edges and edges to set the "method" to carve clearly. Continue to adjust the angle and height of the shadow, which determines the contrast of edges and corners.

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