Photoshop images of prairie characters plus the yellow-brown glow of the atmosphere

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The material picture does not have the rays, the processing time first puts the overall pressure dark, the main color becomes the yellow-brown, then puts the sky the light material, then renders the high brightness in the horizon area, finally adds the dark angle to the picture, the fine tuning local light and shade can.


Final effect

1, open the original material large map, create an optional color adjustment layer, yellow, green, neutral, black adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1-4, the effect is shown in Figure 5. This step quickly turns the lawn color into tawny.

< map 1>

< map 2>

< map 3>

< map 4>

< map 5>

2. Press CTRL + ALT + 2 to bring up the high-light selection, press CTRL + Shift + I to select the dark part of the selection. Then create a curve adjustment layer, the RGB, red, green, blue channel adjustment, parameters and effects of the following figure. This step greatly darkens the dark part and reduces the red and increases the blue.

< map 6>

< map 7>

3, create a solid color adjustment layer, color set to dark green, after the mask to fill the black, and then use the transparency of the lower edge white brush to wipe out the bottom area, and then press CTRL + ALT + G to create a clipping mask, the effect of the following figure.

< map 8>

4, CTRL + ALT + 2 up the high light selection, and then create a curve adjustment layer, the RGB channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 9, determined to use the soft side of the black brush to wipe out the bottom area, the effect is as Figure 10. This step mainly brightens the top area of the lawn.

< map 9>

< map 10>

< map 11>

< map 12>

< map 13>

5, the background layer to copy a layer, press CTRL + Shift +] Top, the following figure.

< map 14>

6. Enter the channel panel, copy the blue channel and get the blue copy channel. Press CTRL + L to adjust the level of the blue Copy channel, the sky part of the white, the grass partially darkened, and then use the soft side of the black brush to the grass part of the black, the following figure.

< map 15>

7, hold down CTRL + the left mouse button click Channel Panel blue copy channel thumbnail load selection. Click the RGB channel to return to the Layers panel, create a new layer, and use the Paint bucket tool to fill the selection with white. After you remove the selection, apply the horizon area to nature with a soft white brush. Then the background copy is deleted and the effect is shown below. The character part will have a little influence, and then fix it later.

< map 16>

8, open the sky material large map, with the move tool dragged in, create a clipping mask after adjusting the position, the following figure.

< map 17>

9, select the menu: Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the value is 6, determine the effect of the following figure. This step blurs the sky.

< map 18>

10, press CTRL + J to copy a layer of the sky, create a clipping mask and change the blending mode to "multiply". Hold down the ALT key to add a layer mask, and use a white brush with less transparency to darken the top area, as shown below.

< map 19>

11, press CTRL + J to copy the current layer layer, create a clipping mask after the effect of the following figure.

< map 20>


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