Photoshop indoor Beauty model transparent skin effect

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Let's take a look at the final effect chart:

1. Optical Bitmap:

2, shooting parameters:

• Shutter: 160; Aperture: 8;iso:100

3, Step decomposition diagram:

Use a curved adjustment layer to bring up the basic hue. Adjust the blending proportions of the red, yellow, white, and gray 4 colors with an optional color adjustment layer. Adjust the layer with color/saturation to make the skin delicate and white. Compose soft light with pure white layer and soft light mode and eraser tool.

Pull out the basic tones

1, press Ctrl+o key combination, open this original piece, and then create a new "group 1" layer group, used to manage the palette layer.

2, create a "curve" adjustment layer, and then the RGB curve upward adjustment, highlight the screen.

3, select the "Red" channel, and then drag the shadow control point to the right to 29.

4, select the "Green" channel, and then drag the shadow control point to the right to 9 position, while the upper and middle of the control point to adjust a little upward.

5, select the "Blue" channel, and then the curve slightly upward adjustment to the screen to add a little blue. Adjust the blending proportions of red, yellow, white, and gray.

1, create an "optional color" adjustment layer, and then set "color" to "red", then Set "yellow" to 23%, "black" for 4%.

2, set "color" for "yellow", and then set "cyan" to-71%, "yellow" for-81%, "black" for-21%.

3, set "color" to "white", and then Set "Black" to-21%.

4, set "color" as "neutral color", and then set "cyan" to-1%, "yellow" for-5%, "black" for-2%.

Adjust Hue/Saturation

Create a hue/saturation adjustment layer, then set hue to 9, saturation to 5, and make the skin delicate and white.

TIPS: Please be sure to note that in the adjustment of the skin hue, do not too "presumptuous" to change the color, otherwise the whole picture will lose the original taste.

Add Soft Light:

1. Click the Create New Layer button or press Shift+ctrl+n to create a blank layer above the background layer.

2, set the foreground color is white, then press Al T+delete key combination, fill "Layer 1" with white, then set the layer "blending mode" for "soft light".

3. Press E to select "Eraser Tool" (it is recommended to set the "opacity" of the brush to 65%~75%), and then erase the soft light of the portrait too much.

Q: What is the effect of the "soft light" mode?

A: "Soft light" mode can darken or lighten the image, depending on the color of the upper image. If the upper image is brighter than 50% gray, the image is lightened, and if the upper image is darker than 5 0% gray, the image becomes dimmed.

With a simple white veil (in fact, a white layer) with the "soft light" mode can be a layer of soft light for the portrait, which is similar to the Flash plus a flexible light.

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