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The following is an indoor production process, open the picture after the first thing is not to start drawing, but to analyze the picture style tailored to the image of his color, in order to better produce good pictures. The following figure indoor Korean real picture, in recent years, the Korean virtual studio nationwide rage almost photographed the country that place has the same scenery.

Korean Note:

1, the use of light, most of them are window doors and so the scene of the majority of light or simulate the scene, so the importance of light in the screen is self-evident. The window below if we need to make the whole picture of the light into reality, then the main light source must be exposed outside the window.

2 colors, Korean-style most of the color has been low and dark blue, dark green and color of the yellow-green-oriented.

3 text, the addition of text can greatly enhance the atmosphere of the picture so that the overall image sublimation.

This type of image processing essentials: Retro colors and objects, the light over the natural and real ground by the light area, the color of the floor, the color of the wall.

First look at the effect chart:

The following are the original slices:

The following figure begins to be made: original JPG, below is the transfer process

Go into PS and remove clutter from the screen

A region of light that is partly illuminated by dark parts.

The shadow of the building to allow light to enter from the window position

modifying light

Simulate the entry of light

Black and dark Miscellaneous light

Illuminated part Area Simulation flush

Selection of high light blending mode soft light

The color of the skirt put light brightness

Brush Erase white Analog Light entry

Go ash, black and white tool blending mode soft light

Repair Diagram liquefaction


The addition of text

Final effect comparison:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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