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The photo icon practice time is pressing, but the harvest is quite abundant. Through imitation, observation and research, practice, or to make a more realistic icon, they also have a small sense of achievement. Hope that through this summary, find their own existing problems,

The next work will be more exquisite.

This exercise concludes with the following four main areas:

One, have the confidence--knowing

Before you draw an icon, you have to be confident in your mind and have its overall form concept. can also refer to the shape of real objects, in the drawing process to create improvements.

When using pen to draw lines in PS, make sure the lines are fluent. The smoothness of the lines can be controlled by the number of nodes and the node curvature.

The number of nodes as little as possible, a curve can be completed with two nodes do not use three, control the node position and curvature, the foot has completed a beautiful curve, too many nodes but the superfluous,

The curve will not flow due to excessive control nodes.

Second, cobwebs--details piling up

See a very exquisite icon, to think we can do, and then to its cobwebs, from form to color to carefully split, and then gradually superimposed, the details stack. Where the details are split in the conceptual process,

The performance of light and texture is very important.

When making an icon, the light is coming from which direction, the whole design process must always adhere to this lighting principle. Objects of different shapes and textures are also different in their reflection and refraction of light (specifically, in practical studies,

Later will be specific to this piece of post), but to dare to use color, strengthen its contrast, increase the three-dimensional icon, so that the icon will not appear gray gray flat.

Third, the finishing touch--highlights, shadows

An icon of the overall shape has been presented, if in the appropriate position with high light and shadow, it will be the effect of the finishing touches. In a colorful world full of light, light and shadow are important expressive techniques,

The proper use of highlights and shadows will make the icon appear more authentic and representational.

Icon rendering is in a limited area, the appropriate use of exaggerated high light and shadow, can produce a strong contrast, more can catch people's eyes, showing the true sense of icon.

Four, keep improving--no best only better

Each time after the change of an icon has been very good, but in the eyes of the master this is not the most perfect. The two masters of the icon and design have the attitude of excellence, in their patience and meticulous guidance,

After each modification, there are gratifying progress.

In fact, the design changes to the icon's cultivation, but also equivalent to the designer's personal cultivation process, every time to reach the bottleneck feel dying, but when through the bottleneck, there will be a feeling of enlightened, the whole scene hold live,

There are wood, there are wood to form a record of their own cultivation process of good habits, to see their progress, to achieve the realm of excellence.

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