PhotoShop Lab mode bring up the little fresh photo tone processing Tutorial

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Lab mode relies neither on light nor on pigments, which is a color pattern that the CIE organization has theoretically included in all colors visible to the human eye.

Lab mode compensates for the lack of RGB and CMYK two color modes.

A mixture of colors will produce brighter colors. Only the value of the brightness channel affects the hue and shade changes. You can consider lab mode as a mode of two-channel RGB mode plus a brightness channel.

Lab model Palette is enough to prove it's powerful. Early sugar Film theme colors are the main representatives.

This tutorial mainly uses lab to apply image and a, B channel curve complete.

Effect Chart:

Original film analysis: This photo style is very fresh, natural, full of summer quiet taste, the characters also show a quiet, refreshing feeling, the whole picture is real, so I chose a small clear style.


1, the original image is relatively dark so we first adjust its bright contrast, preliminary we use camera raw processing, the process of paying special attention to the transparency of the adjustment will make the photos more prominent level.

2, conversion lab template, background copy one layer (when we use the lab template, the background layer is usually copied to avoid the step error can return).

3. Select image-Apply image-mix to overlay-opacity to 50%, to calculate (according to the photo's degree of transparency to determine the value of the opacity) we can look at the picture after the calculation

The color is gorgeous and ruddy. This is what lab and the application image are special.

4, the Curve value of light (curve brightness of the light can make the color of the photo and Gray and bright), and then use the curve will be a channel and B channel adjustment.

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