PhotoShop Lab mode increases the color saturation of a picture tutorial

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Lab mode is a color pattern that you often overlook, but it's a very powerful one. Today we have to learn to use lab to increase the color saturation of the picture,

Introduce you to two methods.

Method One:

First look at the original image and effect chart. (No interested people do not reply to attack, here is the research method, the same effect you can use the curve or other tools to pull out)

1. Open the footage first and go to Lab color mode. Open the channel panel, select Lightness (Lightness channel), select the "Apply image" command source Channel note selected is a, mixed mode is superimposed,

Set as shown in figure. If you choose lightness instead of a, then all subsequent steps come out as a copy of the background layer, and the layer blending mode is set to overlay.

2. Then select a channel, set as shown.

3. Finally select the B channel, set the diagram, change the color mode back to RGB.

So why don't we copy the background layer, the layer blending mode is set to overlay this method because it changes the brightness distribution of the image larger, and our

Method not A. I think someone saw this here to say why to make such trouble, as a direct use of hue saturation to improve the color not on the line?

So I declare again, I write these posts is to provide more methods, as to which kind of better, it depends on your own to compare, to choose. Well, don't talk nonsense.

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