Photoshop labeled Sds-page electrophoresis diagram maker graphics and text tutorial

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With a simple modification of PS, you can get the desired effect, clearly labeled marker molecular weight, and the purpose of strip. Here is only the basis of the PS repair map skills, only for students of the student's reference, students to ponder, will be able to achieve better results.

Tools/raw Materials

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Software (other versions also available)

Scanned protein electrophoresis pictures (in this case the image from the network)


Open Photoshop software, file--> Open, bring up the Open File dialog box, select the protein electrophoresis map you want to edit.

Image--> Image size, view the size of the current picture, I want to create a new layer based on its size, or adjust it to the appropriate size. As shown in this picture, the width is 287, height is 234.

New--> Open New dialog box, the name to write on their own line, here for the default "Untitled 1", preset-select from the set, here width set to 400, height set to 330. The goal is to be slightly larger than the original artwork to add some text around. OK, to get a new layer, we take this as the background.

Click the upper left corner, select the Move tool, select the central image, press and hold the left hand, drag and drop into the background layer.

Below we use the text Box tool ("T" in the toolbar) to add a text box to the picture, write the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, corresponding to 7 lanes, you can adjust the number of middle space and font size, so that number and lane alignment, in order to view, we can set the layer display scale to 200%.

Then we use the Line tool in the toolbar, hold down the SHIFT key, click the mouse to draw a line to align the first band, and then put the mouse cursor on this line, while holding down the Ctrl+alt key, then the cursor in the lower right corner of a small +, hold down the left button down and drag the following strip to the Zison Open, This copies a set of dashes, we can draw a group of horizontal lines on both sides of the picture, while labeling the molecular weight, side of the label protein name.

As in step 5 above, using the Text tool, add a vertical text box to each side of the left and right sides, write the molecular weight, the protein name, and we can just align the text with the dash by setting the character spacing.

The annotation is basically finished, we can cut the picture to the appropriate size, merge the layer, finally save, the display scale is set to 100%, the final effect is as shown.

  Attention matters

Try it yourself several times and believe that you will do better

No need to use Photoshop software, other drawing software is also possible OH

The above is Photoshop labeled Sds-page electrophoresis Map Maker Graphics and text tutorials, hope to be helpful to everyone!

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