Photoshop Late-stage repair: Create a perfect makeup film make-up

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This section mainly shows make-up photo dressing process and related cosmetic techniques, in the early makeup on the basis of further refinement. We should carry on the comprehensive examination from three major aspects

Consider: first of all, skin color, according to the characteristics of makeup to determine the texture of the skin and color trends, such as the general mix of gorgeous makeup with pure, ceramic skin, flawless naked makeup

With wheat color or ancient trunks skin, make the overall makeup more exquisite, exquisite, so in the color before mixing must fully understand what kind of makeup to match which color, more reference to a

Some makeup noodles, do not blindly pursue a certain hue and cause the overall uncoordinated, followed by the skin, generally divided into matt and shiny skin, the former has a healthy luster

and delicate silky texture, the latter has a light and translucent natural makeup. This is based on the previous makeup of the original form of positioning, and then choose the appropriate skin texture and light

sense, and finally the details of the features of the facial features: such as the face of the proportion of adjustment, the eye of the divine color and three-dimensional enhancement, but pay attention to the true nature of the facial features. and then

Will be around the three aspects of detailed explanation, in the promotion of the cleanliness of makeup, skin texture to strengthen in-depth analysis. Then we need to know about makeup.

Knowledge has a certain understanding, in the modification of the time can be more targeted to modify the adjustment, so that the overall effect of makeup to play to the best.

Original film: The color of the film some hair gray, so that the skin looks very flat enough transparent, while the character's neck is too short for people feel the head is not lifted up, the Eye of God color

Enough, the refinement of makeup needs to be further strengthened.

Effect Picture: The ancient trunks color skin makes the character's facial features more exquisite outstanding, the overall proportion adjusts makes the person looks more energetic and upright, especially the neck stretch, the shape

Also appear exquisite compact up, the overall level of light and shade get better performance, makeup also more clean.

Effect Drawing and original artwork:

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First, the basic color adjustment

Here we will simply adjust the black and white of the photo to go gray, so as to see to do liquefaction treatment and skin modification, the overall tone does not move, because the original piece of skin

The quality level is the best, if you do too much color processing will lose some details.

1, view the color level, the shadow and highlight areas are missing pixels, so that the skin hair gray, we properly adjust, so that the photos back to normal black and white on

Than. Then use the curve to highlight the photo, mainly for the skin part, before the light can be on the skin to see the corresponding skin of the slash node position and then do the adjustment

Whole, dark shade unchanged.

The modification of facial features

First of all, the most obvious problem in the photo solution, the first facial and neck lines are not perfect and smooth, appear lazy without spirit, the proportion of the eyes and the curvature of the lips should

and make adjustments.

2. A stamped layer (CTRL+SHIFT+ATL+E) is the equivalent of a merged layer. Use liquefaction to adjust the face, the main area in the right and left cheek and shoulder.

Note: The photo is not a pure face, the perspective relationship between the left and right faces and the smoothness of the lines.

3, the shape of the eye adjustment, the picture in the direction of the arrow is liquefied when the angle of the lifting. The liquefaction of the eyes is very important, because the eyes in the facial features accounted for

According to the important proportional relation, we can follow three court five eye standard to adjust.

Note: In general, the inner corner of the eye can be stretched forward, the outer corner of the eye extending back, so that the overall appearance of the eyes upward trend, so as to increase the width of the eye, so that its

Looks more attractive.

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