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First look at a finished picture.

Create a new document, select the Ellipse tool in the toolbar, and select "Creating a fresh shape layer" in the toolbar. Open the Information Panel, hold down the SHIFT key, drag a positive circle on the screen, while dragging the mouse, pay attention to the observation information Panel and see that the circle is 24 pixels long and wide, relaxing the mouse. In this way, a small circle with a previous view of a fill color appears on the canvas, and a layer named "Shape 1" appears on the Layers panel. Here, the foreground color and our final result can be said to have not much relationship, so don't bother.

If you're not used to this layer clipping path, you can also use the old method: Create a new layer, because we want to use the layer style to achieve this effect, so the new layer is certainly not less. Use the elliptical marquee tool to draw a 24x24-pixel circle, with the same method as above, to remove the selection after filling the color.

If you're using the second method, double-click the layer thumbnail and pull up the Layer style menu. If you use the first method, like me, double-click the layer name to bring up the layer style menu. We add a style to the layer. First is the shadow, click the projection style, change the distance to 3 pixels, the size of 6 pixels, the other remains the default.

Next is the inner glow, which is to emphasize the rounded edges. Change the glow blending mode from screen to multiply, opacity to 40%, light to Black, and to 1 pixel in the cable; in quality, the range is increased to 75%, and the other remains unchanged.

Here is the bevel and emboss, note: In our example, this is the most important step, the pearl form most of it to show. In the Structure panel, select the style as an inner bevel, which means "carving clear", the depth is 610%, in the direction, the size is 9 pixels, softened to 3 pixels; in the shadow panel, the angle is 60 degrees, the global light is canceled, the height is 65, and in the gloss contour type, the preset roll ramp-decrement mode is first selected, And then click the diagram.

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