Photoshop leaves the lotus leaf beautiful to shine the fresh tone

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Let's talk about early filming.

In order to make the girl fresh and natural, first need to observe her usual expression, action and language, when shooting her features captured in the picture, this will be a good picture. If the model is standing in front of the camera without any movement or expression, it is obviously boring. For portrait photography, not only to shoot beautiful, literary, natural, more importantly, to take pictures vividly, photographed with Reiki, rich model intrinsic temperament.

About the shooting experience sharing

1. Light: Backlight shooting is a means of photography, the broad sense of the backlight should include the full backlight and side backlight two kinds. Its basic characteristics are: from the light, the full backlight is to the camera, from the back of the model radiation from the light, also known as "backlight"; side backlight is from the camera left and right after the side of the 135° to the model of light, the model by the smooth surface accounted for 1/3, back gloss accounted for 2/3.

2. Fill the light: If you do not need artificial light, general backlight photography, photo use point metering, so the portrait of the face still have some details, more emphasis on natural light effect.

3. Metering: Most of the cameras will be preset to the entire framing as a metering basis, because of the backlight environment, portrait of the rear light has been relatively strong, after the average calculation, the camera will think portrait of the Dark is normal, which is the backlight environment, will take the cause of the big black face.

4. Exposure: We can use exposure compensation, to deal with the backlighting of the shooting, that is, increase the exposure to make the face brighter, but this method will enhance the brightness of the entire photo, so not only the face becomes brighter, the background will follow the light, should not cause the details of the background all lost.

About later method steps

1, this is actually a comparative basis of the later green color course, CMYK color model for color recognition is lower than sRGB, is conducive to monochrome screen color control, of course, the later habits of different people, this is only my personal habits, now for reference only.

2, gradually adjust the "color balance"

3, adjust the "color balance", the screen to adjust to green, repeated micro adjustment, because each picture is different, to adjust for you feel the most suitable color.

4, three times "color balance" of the adjustment values you can refer to.

5, optional color selection, select "Neutral Color".

6, Next is "curve", select "image", "Adjust" menu, shortcut key for Ctrl+m.

7, choose color, optional color options, select "Green".

8, adjust the color, or "color balance" option, adjust the value-16,-25,-21.

9, continue to adjust the "curve"

10, the final adjustment "levels" shortcut keys Ctrl+l

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