Photoshop liquefaction filter to shape the perfect face tutorial

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Figure/Text: Zhang Dongwun (visual Shengyan design)

Photo offers: Shanghai search and show photography

The face is the center of portrait photography attention. Make-up artists use hair ornaments and makeup to decorate face, costume designers use clothing and accessories to beautify the face, the photographer benefits

With light and shadow to shape the perfect face, later designers are using the liquefaction tools in Photoshop to decorate the face. In this issue we will use the PS liquefaction tool to

Facial modification of the characters, using curved tools to increase the shadow effect of the character's face, to beautify the character's face.

The effect before and after adjustment is shown in Figure 1, figure 2.

  Photoshop Tutorial Figure 1 Original Slice

Fig. 2 Effect: The use of liquefaction tools to modify the face, using curved tools to increase the shadow.

First, adjust the face

The characters in the original film have a feeling of looking upward, and the face looks like a national font. First, we use the liquefaction tools to model the models according to People's aesthetic standards.

Face to modify (note: Not excessive modification, in the modification must master the proportion of facial features, high light and the distribution of the dark part).

Operation steps: First of all to circle the need for liquefaction of the site. Using the Rectangle tool, box selects the area you want to adjust. As shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Using a rectangular tool to circle a person's face

Perform the liquefaction command (shortcut key shift+ctrl+x). Select the Freeze Mask tool in the dialog box to make the surrounding locations where you want to liquefy

Smear so that it is locked so that it does not interfere with other parts when adjusting. As shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Freezing areas that do not need to be adjusted

After you select the Forward Transform tool and set the tool options, push the sides of the chin and cheeks inward. As shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Using the Liquefaction tool to adjust the person's cheeks

Note: This step is very important, requires the operator to practice repeatedly, the control of the mouse is very high, otherwise the cheeks will appear uneven appearance, the operation process

Also pay attention to the overall coordination of the face, do not excessive liquefaction. Category:

    • PS Image Processing
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