Photoshop Lomo Style Landscape map

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Effect Chart:

After reading the original image to the effect diagram, we get to the point. The specific steps are as follows:

Step one, first dozen Kaiyuan plot material, open it in the original image click "Layer style-brightness/contrast" option for its new "brightness/contrast" effect.

Step two, this way, adjust the "brightness/contrast" value ... Adjust the value according to personal preference). Here we set the brightness to 82 contrast 100 for reference. As shown in the figure:

In step three, click the Create New Group button in the lower right corner menu bar to create a new group, as shown in the picture:

Step four, add "solid color" effect layer on "group layer" and choose "Red (#ff0000)", the screen will be all red.

Step five, add the hue/saturation 1 effect layer on the solid color layer.

Step six, select "Group 1" and select "Exclude" in "Mixed Mode".

Step seven, then to "hue/saturation" to control the parameters can be completed, hue-121, bright-63.

Step eight, select the "Background" layer, click on the top filter to select the lens correction or press the hotkey "Ctrl+shift+r".

Step nine, first select Custom, and then adjust the total amount of Halo-92, Midpoint +71, and then click OK. (Halo can be adjusted according to personal preferences).

Step ten, increase the saturation to make the color more gorgeous, select the "Brightness/contrast" layer, and then add "natural saturation layer."

Step Xi., adjust the natural saturation to 100, saturation +10, can be completed.

Step 12, the final effect figure is as follows:

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