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Do not directly conceive the scene or start to do, of course, if you have enough good ideas, you can ignore this passage. Just like watching TV and reading the difference, television is passive absorption of the picture, and Reading has its own association process. So, the process of compiling a story is like reading, that is to increase your ability to associate.

Final effect

Thinking Flow:

1, the introduction of the sky material, Gaussian blur.

2, the introduction of the cabin material, the left side of the window how P drop it? The problem is simply to copy the right roof over. Then sweep away some unwanted stuff with a pen.

3, start to create the atmosphere.

4, the color of the scene darkened. In the upper part of the roof, add a lamp. So add yellow, layer effect is superimposed, with a soft brush, directly on the painting can be. The lower part belongs to the corner position, the light may not illuminate, therefore uses the black soft brush to carry on the smear.

5, then is the floor of the building. First material of the floor specification is too small, we have to carry out material modification.

6, a piece of wood as an element, into a larger plank, combined, Ctrl + T free transform, adjust to the appropriate position, the following figure.

7, the first floor saturation reduction, and then the curve of the dark, and then to four weeks with a black soft edge brush wipe, the so-called around the red callout area.

8, then, with the roof of the yellow, in the middle of the floor to do a light irradiation down the effect. method or brush, then CTRL + T deformation, the effect is superimposed, you can copy 2 layer, the second layer when the adjustment of transparency.

9, we continue, and then to the floor to make a side, the following figure.

10, the production of eaves.

11, reduce the eaves saturation, and then with a soft brush painted dark blue.

12, the same method, and then copy a eaves, to color, than the first deep, so that the eaves look less monotonous.

13, because it is Christmas, so to add some of the elements of Christmas color bar, the following figure.

14, the right eaves and the same as the left, and then copy a horizontal flip can be.

< small map view big picture >

15, the roof to remove some unnecessary places, to draw the following figure.

16, to join the wall behind, import material walls, to reduce saturation, curve pressure dark. A black brush is applied around the wall for dark tone processing.

17, the wall around the black brush smear, dark tone processing. The red part doesn't have to be too careful, because there are other elements to be done before it will be overwritten.


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