Photoshop makes a beautiful neon art text tutorial

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This tutorial mainly uses the Photoshop to make the color soft light effect the neon art word, the overall effect picture is very beautiful, the light decoration uses the color technique expression, likes the friend lets us study together.

Let's take a look at the final effect chart:

The specific production steps are as follows:

Create a new canvas, select the font of the same stroke thickness, white, Word, right-click Layer selection convert to shape, adjust opacity, see

Create a new layer, select the rounded rectangle, draw a stroke, draw a second pen by the font position, and this is a letter!

About Y, copy the stroke path of the previous letter, Ctrl+t transform, rotate to the correct angle, then copy the shape that has been rotated, in the transformation, select horizontal Flip, so that the second pen is good.

Because the letters d and O have curved strokes, do not draw these two letters first.

Restore the bottom text layer transparency to 100%, select all letters except D and O with the selection tool, and click Del to delete.

Now handle the vertical stroke of D, select the Ellipse tool, and hold down shift at the vertical corner to draw a positive circle with a diameter that is just the edge of D. Add anchor points to the junction of circles and letters.

Then use the direct Selection tool to select which angle to remove, and drag.

merging fonts and shape layers

Select the Lasso tool, select LD two letters, right-click on the copy layer, then choose Oo Two-letter copy layer, and so on, hide the font layer.

Add a layer style to an LD layer

Right-click the LD layer to select the copy layer style, paste the layer style with each letter layer, and then adjust the color value of the layer style to each layer.

Group all the letter layers, copy the letter layer groups, merge the copied layer groups, add the shadow in the layer, create a new clipping layer, paint the same color as the upper-glowing letters, and create a new layer to paint the reflective layer, which is a color filter.

Copy reflective Layer Group, Merge Group, move tool down, right click to convert to Intelligent object, apply dynamic blur, then copy this layer, then apply dynamic blur, the second copy of the dynamic blur than the first time the value of large. Adjust the transparency of the two reflective copy layers, and turn them into good.

Import night scene material, the pattern is color, adjust good position.

Copy the night scene layer, under the night scene layer, right click to select Smart objects, apply dynamic blur, angle 90, the value of the effect adjustment

Create a new clipping layer for the night copy, the flexible brush color, and the pattern filter.

Copy the colored reflective layer to the top of the image, adjust the height, and make the upper color.

At the bottom of the new layer, smoke brush painting a transverse smoke, according to Ctrl+t transformation, first adjust the vertical distance, into a thin line, and then right click on the choice of free transformation, adjust the curve effect, copy adjust the smoke layer, ctrl+t right click to select Vertical Flip, to the right to move. New clipping mask layer above, flexible brush color, pattern filter.

The ECG layer is imported, the pattern filter color, the color level is selected, and the value is adjusted to see the electrocardiogram only. Put it above the image. Create a new type layer and type the word. Create a new layer above the reflective layer, select the Rectangle tool to draw two white horizontal lines, adjust the transparency to 20%, and put it below the letter.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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