Photoshop makes a beautiful orange dragonball.

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Before drawing, we analyze the material and the light of the Dragon bead, then look for a kind of similar material reference, find out the shade, and then use the method of sketching to draw it all reasonable. The method introduced by the author is very comprehensive and practical.

Final effect

Q1: The material of the Dragon bead is set.

Q2: How the Dragon bead reflects the light.

Q3: How light is refracted when it passes through the Dragon bead.

First, New:

Open PS and create a new 1024 * 1024 canvas.

Use the Ellipse tool to draw a 720 * 720 circle and center it.

Second, color:

Double-click the ellipse 1 layer to set the layer style, set the radial gradient overlay as shown in the figure, and adjust the center of the gradient near the highlight area.

Create a new two oval shape and merge it into shapes, then use the Selection tool and click on the upper circle selection minus the top shape to get the shape below.

Use the path selection tool with the Add Anchor Point tool to add an anchor point to the circular path, and use the direct selection tool to move the anchor position to get the following diagram shape.

Similarly, the following two shapes are obtained.

Set the fill of the three shapes to 0, add the color overlay to the layer style, select the appropriate color, and then add feathering, adjust the appropriate values to get the following figure.

Three, High light:

Create a new three oval shape and use the direct selection tool to adjust the anchor point to the image below.

Set its fill to 0, setting the white gradient overlay separately and feathering the figure below.


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