Photoshop makes a blazing sun

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From creating a new file for Photoshop, set the background to black, create a new layer, and draw a positive circle with the circle tool. Change your foreground and background color to orange, and then perform the "filter"-> "Render"-> "cloud". As shown in figure:

2. Perform "filter"-> twist-> The number of spherical settings is 100%, the mode is normal. This step repeats several times according to the size of the sun you are drawing. I repeat it two times here.

3. Create a new layer, and press CTRL-click the solar layer selection, set the color to the default (black and white) and then, on the new layer, perform a "filter"-> render the-> cloud.

4. "Filters"-> render-> layered clouds. Repeat several times according to the size of your graphic. I repeat here 5 times.

5. Ctrl-click the solar layer to select the solar layer, select the clouds! Perform a "filter"-> twist-> The number of spherical settings is 100%, and the mode is normal. Repeat it several times until it starts to look like a sphere.

6. Select the cloud above the solar layer and set the normal mode to linear dodge. This will give you the sun to show its basic texture.

16. Move the layer you just made to the top. The setting mode is color Dodge.

17. Filter-> render--> layered clouds, the number of repetitions depending on the size of your sun, I repeat 5 times here.

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