Photoshop makes a brilliant 11-word radioactive particle

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The effect drawing is divided into two parts: first, the particle part, with a set of brush strokes of the text path, and then set a good color to get the initial particle effect, and then use the filter and layer overlay to make the radiation effect.

Final effect

1, a new 1024 * 768 pixel canvas, resolution of 72, background filled with black.

2, in Figure 1 right click on "Picture Save as" to keep to this machine, and then open with PS, with mobile tools dragged to the new canvas inside, adjust the position, the effect is as shown in Figure 2.

< map 1>

< map 2>

3, hold down CTRL + the left mouse button click the text thumbnail load text selection, the following figure.

< map 3>

4, enter the path panel, click on the image layer of the red circle icon.

< map 4>

5, the following figure shows the path, and then back to the layers panel.

< map 5>

6, the original text layer hidden, the path effect as shown below.

< map 6>

7, select the Brush tool, select the 5th Brush, and then press F5 to pull out the Brush preset panel, set parameters: Brush tip shape, shape dynamic, scatter, other dynamic, set up after the "smooth" option, the following figure.

< map 7>

< map 8>

< map 9>

< map 10>

8, set the brush size to 4 pixels, opacity and flow are set to 100%, and then set the foreground color to white, as shown below.

< map 11>

< map 12>

9, select the Pen tool on the path right select "Stroke path", in the pop-up dialog box select "Brush", do not tick "simulated pressure".

< map 13>

10, after the confirmation press ENTER to hide the path, the effect of the following figure.

< map 14>

11, press CTRL + J to copy the current layer layer, the effect of the following figure.

< map 15>

12, enter the path panel, click the text path to bring up the path, and then back to the layers panel.

< map 16>

13, create a new layer, select the Brush tool, press F5 to pull out the Brush preset panel, in the dispersion of the following figure shown in the fade off, the other settings unchanged.

< map 17>


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