Photoshop makes a simple little blue candle.

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Candle drawing a bit similar to the cylinder, the production of the first to draw a good perspective line, and then draw out the graphic, and simply color, and then according to the direction of light source rendering light and ambient.
Final effect

1. Prototype:

Here we use the Ellipse tool in the vector tool to make its embryonic form. We all know that the shape of a candle is an ellipse, so let's draw a rectangle first.

2, yes, the shape of the rectangle can be based on your own preferences, your impression of the candle like painting out, not rigid.

3, we in the rectangle below to draw a little perspective line, first I in the middle of the rectangle perpendicular to the center, and then select an orange point on the midline, this point and the distance from the rectangle and overlooking the angle, that is, the greater the angle, the farther away from the point.

4, we use the Ellipse tool, first hold down the SHIFT key to draw a circle. Then CTRL + T deform and place it in alignment with the pivot point. With the second circle, we get two circles with perspective.

5. Combine two circles and connect them with a rectangular tool to get the shape of the candle. We remove the top circle as a separate rectangle, and modify the color to have a basic barrel-like three-dimensional sense. Then copy the top rectangle and narrow it up, and shift up the distance of your choice. Use the Pen tool to connect two points with top B on top A.

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