Photoshop makes a sweet love party poster

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The effect chart is composed of three parts, such as background, text, decorative elements. Writing part of the production to be difficult, first you have to design a good font, and then use the layer style, brush, gradient and other processing good texture. The introduction of the tutorial process is simple, the actual production will take a certain amount of time.

Final effect

1, font production. Adjust the font you want to do, fill in the color.

2, add layer style to text.

3, brush tools to apply the edge of the letter, the high light so that the letter has a natural translucent feeling.

4, continue to refine, plus the high light and gradient of the polishing, pay attention to the strokes of the trend to do out.

5, similar steps to complete the other letters.

6, the bottom figure production, first fill the background, and then put on the wall material.

7, with color balance to adjust the wall tone, suitable for background tones.

8, put on the sofa material, preferably is plain.

9, the same color balance and hue/saturation adjustment sofa color.

10, to the background to add some light and shade effect, to see the appropriate degree added.

11, the production of wall lights, the following figure combination.

12, add curve adjustment layer, adjust background overall color, the following figure.

13, find some white peach heart, and paint a texture.

14, the White peach heart on the screen.

15, put the good text to come in.

16, find some useful materials, apply to the text.

17, to find the ribbon material, the color adjustment suitable, put on the text can be.

18, put some small elements, such as figure. With the feeling of milk, don't forget to add the shadow.

19, the Milk Cup synthesis, the following figure.

Finally add the logo and text to complete the final effect.

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