Photoshop makes a very cool Fox called Party poster

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A fox called the Internet Song Red Global, to create an endless stream of advertising. Here is the theme of the party poster production. Process: First conceive good content, of course, fox, and then add some elements of the party, the screen looks like personality can be.

  Final effect

1. Choose a textured background.

2, quickly find a suitable character material, feeling almost on the line, the premise is to be clear some of the material, after all, as the main body of the screen.

3, find a fox material, the best background clean some easy to pull the map, if the hair is clear, use the "Channel loading Selection" method to pull the map, if not too good to pull the map will be random first, and then download "Hair brush" to fill the surrounding fluff.

4, the first is not in a hurry to color, the background to do. Find a picture of a building, put it on the background, and adjust the side first.

5, and then copy to the other side, and reverse.

6, the same method, to find a root of the material, left and right symmetry, pull the map or something, you can be arbitrary.

7, since the woods must be the leaves, put on the leaf material.

8, start to adjust the tone, pay attention to the character part of the light and dress adjustment.

9, pressed the bottom of the screen, highlighting the above section.

10, the creation of the graph layer, the overall adjustment of the screen tone, emphasis on tone.

11, create black and white layer, the whole into black and white effect.

12, a new layer, flower circle, fill in the following figure.

13. Put the circular layer to the rear of the main body.

14, at the same time in this circular layer embedded in some patterns or textures, texture layer for "linear deepening."

15, then can add more details, such as some flowers, clouds and so on.

16, select that layer of black and white effect layer of the mask area, with brush tool light smear some color, can make black-and-white not so monotonous.

17, adjust the head of the Fox Light, focus on adjusting the eyes of the permeability, hair intensity, contrast, you can also do a bit of sharpening treatment.

18, create a new layer, with a few minutes, with a brush to draw a light effect, and then deformation, layer mode is "linear light."

19, such as the figure, put the corresponding position, you can copy a number of places, and then put some point light effect.

20, download the notes cloud material, put both sides to increase the details.

21, the above is the title font decomposition.

22, the poster information and logo on the line.

23, the whole do some tonal deepen, contrast increase some adjustment, complete the final effect.

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