Photoshop makes a very eye-catching spring Festival promotional poster

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The design of the effect chart is excellent and the theme is very prominent. The author uses the form of stage to show the product, plus some happy New Year elements, plus the dancing squirrel, the screen is very attractive.

Final effect

The material used:

First, the background part of the production:

1, new canvas, Size: 1920 * 1000, Canvas fill color: #b08f6c.

2, the background picture dragged in, with a virtual eraser, probably erase the lower part, the following figure.

3, with a black brush smear the upper part of the picture, the lights, painted black. Natural point. And put the lights on our footage.

4, new 2 layers, one is in the audience area with a white brush smear, transparency 20%; one is applied at the bottom of the canvas, without modifying the transparency.

5, the Poster center audience position, with a white brush smear a lump, the effect is as follows.

6, all layers top new layer, fill purple: #8d1da5, Layer mode to "soft light", transparency to: 80%.

7, new layer, in the audience and a solid color between the background of dark purple: #18012f, the effect is as follows.

Second, the center visual area production:

1, Lasso tool or pen tool to draw the following graphics, color values: #211718, Execution: Filters > Blur > Gaussian blur, the effect is as follows.

2. Use a pen or lasso to check out the dark blue shape area below.

3, pure color too fake, copy a dark blue area of the layer, execute: filter > Render > Layered clouds, layer mode to "soft light", transparency: 40%, with a virtual edge of the eraser erase the middle left both sides.

4, lasso or pen tool to check out the deep blue in the bottom of the shape, at the bottom. Color: #171921, and then execute the same command as above. Copy one execution: filter > Render > Layered Cloud, layer mode "soft light", transparency: 40%, erase the middle left side.

5, check out the following shape, color value: #3f4157, and then carry out the last step command, the only difference is to add a projection, projection toward the bottom.

6, check out the following shape, color: #c7aa7d.

7. At the beginning of this step, repeat the above steps. I put on the effect chart, follow the above steps to be good.

Third, the production of large labels:


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