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The author makes the icon very exquisite, basically uses the shape, the path tool makes the contour, then uses the layer style to increase the effect. The difficulty is drawing part of the plot, to be able to accurately draw the desired graphics.

Final effect

1, new document, here I use is 800*600 pixel, draw a rounded rectangle, color #e8e8e8.

2, add a layer style for this rounded rectangle.

3. Copy a rounded rectangle, change the fill of the layer to 0, and add a projection style.

4, Next, we draw the positioning of the shape of the icon, color #97d601.

5, this shape, may be a lot of people will use a circle plus a rectangle to the stitching, here I talk about the method I used. First, mark the vertical center guide and draw a positive circle.

6. Using the Direct Selection tool, select the anchor point of the red circle in the figure, and move the pixel vertically down.

7, or with the direct selection tool, choose to live this anchor point, we will find that the adjustment curve fragment of the lever node, horizontal to the left to move a certain pixel.

8, because, I want to make a three-dimensional icon, so, the top of the anchor, we also move the appropriate downward a bit, the circle squished.


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