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We introduced some typical techniques for Photoshop to handle baby photos, including basic image processing and some special effects. This time we will

For you to introduce how to design a set of images for the baby to create a album! We made the baby photos of our own, and made a beautiful growth album, I believe this is also the parents

The best gift for a baby!

When it comes to the DIY of the album, Natural can not be the picture developed after the easy to plug into a simple plastic album, otherwise too "irresponsible", hehe. So, we

Need to further design the photos, made into a rich theme of the book! Unlike other albums, children's theme albums use a cross page design approach to convex

Show baby's innocent and lovely. At the same time, each of the spread of photos can become a small theme page, recording the growth of the baby, so as to eventually form a baby's growth album.

So today, we are going to focus on the design techniques of the album design for the spread of photos.

Photo Album DIY Basic Knowledge Preparation

A cross-page Knowledge learning

A spread is a printing term that is printed on two pages, with two pages together and then pasted (or folded) into the album. Cross-page design

The advantage is that the production is convenient and the effect is good, beautiful and generous! Using a cross-page approach because the size will double (A4 is the A3,A5 spread is A4), such as drilling

With the spread of the image of the book, the left and right pages will be a picture of the form to show, so the visual impact is strong, the display effect is also better.

B Common photo size reference table

(300 pixel/inch)

Warm reminder: The specific design of the time to take their own image of the actual size of the book, even if the same type of album due to the different sizes of manufacturers will be slightly

Difference. If let the printing shop directly into one PVC book, will generally help you adjust these errors.

C common photo size and actual design size table

Select photo Set centerline

Here we'll take a 7-inch cross-page photo as an example. Create a new blank document with a height of 18cm, a width of 26cm, and a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

The set guides can be implemented by using the PS-band guides. Press the keyboard "Ctrl+r" key, quickly pull up the ruler, click on the left side of the vertical ruler to the PS document

The middle position, 13cm, is released so that the centerline of the PS document is set (as shown in Figure 1).

Tip: When you click the ruler while holding down the keyboard Shift key, the guide automatically captures the integer position of the ruler. By default, the upper-left corner of the document is automatically

Align the ruler's vertical and horizontal "0" tick positions.

Warm reminder: In the design of the spread of photos, you need to have a clear reference line, that is, the Central line of PS document, that is, the folding line of the spread of photos. Function of the Central line

is to avoid the baby photos appearing in the fold line of the spread document, resulting in creases and effects. In addition, naming a document is a good and very necessary

The habit, which will be convenient for future revisions, especially when we are making pictures of albums, more photos of the situation. Document name as much as possible, such as "1th

Page, 2nd page, page 3rd, and so on.

Seamless Synthesis Welcome mask

Next, copy the selected photos to the document. After the copy press the keyboard "ctrl+t" shortcut keys, adjust the photos to the appropriate size, and note two photos

Position, contrast, etc. (as shown in Figure 2). After the initial effect, press the keyboard "Ctrl+enter" key or the keypad "Enter" key to complete the size

of adjustment.

After the basic adjustment is complete, create a mask for the second photo, select the Brush tool in the toolbox, set the brush color to black, and then set in the options bar

A slightly larger soft corner brush is smeared in the mask (as shown in Figure 3).

Tip: In order to achieve a better transition effect, to form a cross page of the overall sense, we can adjust the brush's transparency to "80%" or other values, after many adjustments,

A natural transition effect that forms a two-photo junction. In addition, the edge portion of the soft corner brush has a transparent transition effect, and the transparency of the brush at the rear can

In combination with the size of the brush, in short, in order to achieve better results, we need to constantly try different combinations.

Add text to the finishing touches

Select the type tool to adjust the font color and text size after entering text in the document. Then open the style panel and add some special styles to the font.

In general, you can get a good result by customizing the font and the PS-band style (as shown in Figure 4).

Tip: Custom fonts can be searched online and downloaded, the general site provides real-time preview function, we can choose their favorite downloads. After downloading

Fonts can be installed by copying all the custom fonts to the "c:windowsfonts" directory. Restarting Ps,ps when the installation is complete will automatically call these


Warm reminder: A picture album must have some text as a record of photos, annotations or blessings on the baby, in a sense, the text is often like a picture of the dragon

The crowning touch of the pen. But note that, although the finishing touches, but avoid distracting, too much or too much text will affect the overall effect of the photo. Other than that

The color of the text should be guaranteed not to affect the overall effect of the photo, too bright color (such as red) or too strong color contrast to the photo, will make the whole picture

The face appears to be uncoordinated.

Attention to detail, perfect volume.

As long as you have mastered the basic production methods and need to pay attention to the problem, we can produce a variety of different styles of the spread of the photos! The cross-page photo in the previous example uses the

Is symmetric mode, we can also use the primary and secondary mode (as shown in Figure 5), take a photo as the main element, other photos as embellishment, and with a text description, let

Photo Overall effect more gorgeous!

Warm reminder: In terms of the overall design style of the spread photos, the children's design should try to adopt some photos of the sun, reflecting the lively side of the child. And the baby shines

Should be used as far as possible warm colors, highlighting the sweet and lovely baby. At the same time, the main colors in the screen as far as possible control within 3 species, or similar color or complementary color, avoid color

Many, otherwise will affect the whole picture of unity, appear messy without focus. In addition, pay special attention to the unity of the cross-page photo style, do not one spread within two or

Multiple screen styles are different. In addition, we also suggest that after the completion of the production, you can store as a PSD document to facilitate future modifications or as a template to apply.

    • ps Picture processing
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