Photoshop makes car posters that roll up dust storms

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The effect chart is very powerful. The author in the synthesis of some representative speed and the elements of the king's demeanor into the sandstorm, such as lions, eagle, etc., so that the car's domineering exposed.

Final effect

1, first open the following image shown in the two pieces of material.

First, the Tuyi sky and the ground of the second figure are simply combined.

2, the figure two part of the soil to the tick selected, the gravel surface reflected.

Next, open the footage shown in the following illustration.

3, the figure four of the dust that part of the interception in, and placed such a position.

4, with the optional color into the scene map color.

5, then hold down CTRL + J This copy function, copy a few more layers of this dust.

6, check Tu San dust material, also put into the picture.

7, the same with the copy of the layer as you feel go, combined into the same as the effect of the picture.

8, intercept figure one and figure four part of the material behind.

9, with dust material to add a layer of soft light effect, to enhance the impact of the picture.

10, continue to fill the screen with dust material.

11, put our protagonist into the picture, and retain the shadow of the original material, you can reduce the steps to do the shadow.

< small map view big picture >

12, the use of brush tools to add dust to the local effect, opacity as much as possible lower.

13, to local add to the car after walking will bounce some of the small stone material, stone materials need to find their own.


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