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Embossed word with layer style to make is the fastest, but the best time to make the text more copies of several layers, with different style effects, and then the fill to 0, so superimposed after the effect of more delicate.

Final effect

1, open PS, new 1200 * 600 documents, the background of the material dragged into the canvas, not the layer to create a new group (shortcut key CTRL + G), named "Background."

2, the establishment of a new group, named "Special effects text." Open the Text tool, enter "glare" in the middle of the canvas, and then copy the layer to three layers, named "Glare_1", "glare_2", "Glare_3", respectively.

3, the next face "glare_1" layer for layer style changes and hide the other two text layer.

4, the next face "glare_2" layer for layer style modification, determine the fill after the change to: 0%.

5, the next face "glare_3" layer for layer style modification, determine the fill after the change to: 0%.

6, do the text effect here has come out, and then we have to do is to add a high light.

7, create a new layer, fill the black, and then execute: Filter > Render > Lens halo, move the Halo point to the top right, click OK to change this layer mode to "filter", and appropriately reduce the opacity.

8, the last Ctrl + Shift + ALT + E merge layer, and execute: Filter > Sharpening > USM Sharpening, the value of the custom, this step is to let the picture display more clearly, to here the writing effect of the production is over, the rest is to add some text.

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