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There are a number of new features, new 3D interfaces, and so on in the Photoshop CS6 extension. In this PS tutorial, we will show you how to use the new features in the Photoshop CS6 extension to create a 3D stereo text effect with a fall theme. This tutorial belongs to the Senior PS Tutorial, interested users can follow the tutorial together to practice PS skills. Let's get started!

Final Effect Diagram:

Figure 00

Tutorial Material:

The following materials will be used in the tutorial, users can download in advance ready:

Material: Autumn Park

Material: English alphabet

Material: Concrete texture

Material: crack texture

Material: Autumn shrubs

Material: Yellow Maple Leaf

Material: Yellow Maple Leaf

Material: Red Maple Leaf

First step:

Create a new file, the size is 1600x1200px, the specific setting parameters are as follows:

Figure 01

Step Two:

Open the material 01 "Fall Park" and place it on your canvas. Because the author uses this material picture the size and the canvas size is same, therefore, this material picture will tile the entire canvas. If you want to try your own picture, it's best to cut your own picture size to the size of the canvas. When you drag fall Park into the canvas, drag the corner point, and hold down shift to resize the picture. Select the background layer and use "ctrl+e" to merge the original background layer with the footage.

Figure 02

Step Three:

The next step is to create the 3D text. Open the material 02 "English letter" in Photoshop. Here, you need to think about what words you want to create with the letters and what colors to choose for them. The author chooses to use the word "Leaf". Use the Lasso tool to select the first letter of the word, and then copy and paste it onto your canvas.

Figure 03

Then name the layer and I'll name it "letter L." Now we need to get rid of the white background under the L letter. Here, use the Magic Wand tool, select the L letter, and click on the white background. Press DELETE, here should be careful not to check the parameters set in the "Sample all layers."

Figure 04

Here, select the letter L layer and use the Free Transform tool (ctrl+t). In the process of narrowing the letter L, you need to hold down the SHIFT key to ensure that the letter L is not deformed.

If you want to change the color of the letters, you can use adjustment layers (such as color balance, optional color, etc.). This author will be in the 15th step to make a detailed explanation. Because I am more satisfied with the color of L-letters, so the author does not do color adjustment, but directly to create a 3D stereo text effects.

Figure 05

Fourth Step:

To create a 3D stereo-text effect, use the 3D interface in Photoshop CS6. Select the letter L layer and click 3d>new 3D Extrusion. , Photoshop asks if you want to switch to the workspace and choose OK to go to Photoshop's 3D working interface. First, we have to determine where the letters are located on the ground plane, to do this, select the scene in the 3D panel and adjust the position of the ground plane using the icons in the options bar.

Figure 06

This attempts to place the letters in the same position as the ground plane. If you use a background image different from the author, you should choose the correct location of the ground plane.

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