Photoshop makes cute pink lollipops.

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Before making a lollipop, you need to analyze its structure, then slice it well, and then use layer styles, masks, brushes, and so on to make color and texture, and then decorate some small particles with a custom brush.

Final effect

First, background production:

1, first new 300px size of the document, ALT key + double-click to unlock the background layer and add gradient overlay layer style, set the parameters to press to determine the key before directly using the mouse to move the radial gradient, specific settings such as figure.

2. Create a new layer, fill in black, execute: Filter > Noise > Add noise, amount of amount, Gaussian distribution, monochrome, OK after layer blending mode select "Multiply", opacity 1%.

Second, Sugar Bar production:

1, start making candy bars, tool mode Select the "shape", with a rectangular tool to draw a long rectangle, color at will, respectively, add gradient overlay, inner shadow, projection, layer named "Sugar bar."

2, copy sugar bar layer, Ctrl + [key under Sugar Bar layer, right to clear the layer style, fill to: 0%, and add the outer glow, and then create a black mask, with white soft angle brush to retain only the right side of the outer glow effect.

Third, candy making:

1. Use the elliptical tool to hold down the SHIFT key to draw a white positive circle, according to the personal habit of naming layers to facilitate editing, here named "Sugar Body", fill set to 0%, and add inner shadow and outer glow.

Copy a layer of right to clear the layer style, fill 5% and add the inner glow, and then copy a layer of the same right to clear the layer style, fill 0%, under the sugar body layer to add a projection, respectively, create a mask to wipe out the picture effect.

2, the copy Sugar body layer under the Copy 2, right to clear the layer style, fill 0%, add the inner glow, color overlay, as shown in the figure to exclude the candy bar outside the mask.

3, then make the embedded sugar core like cotton candy, draw a slightly smaller concentric circles, color random, into intelligent objects, add bevel and relief, color superposition and Gaussian blur effect.

4, this step to make Dribbble logo, with the Shape layer crossover operation method with pen tool to draw logo shape, name dribbble and add bevel and relief, inner shadow, color overlay and projection.


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