Photoshop makes delicate and realistic cosmetics hose

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The author compares the cow, the cosmetic picture does not need to repair the picture, directly draws out, really needs certain comprehensive strength. Thinking: First understand the structure of the product, and then from the simulation of the light, layered picture of the composition of the product color map, and then according to the same kind of products to refine the details of the parts, and finally modify the detail, the overall polishing, sharpening and so on.

Final effect

Before you begin, introduce the following 3 basic methods of cloth light: one-sided light, symmetrical light, medium light. is actually the same as the product shooting cloth light.

Basically the revision is based on these three methods, the difference is to add a few light to increase the level. Or there is a more advanced cloth light I do not understand, the repair is actually a reduction of the product shooting, or shooting can not be done later to repair.

1, split products: each need to separate the part of the painting, so that each part of the material and light may be different, to separate the painting, separate to also be able to organize the layer, because the painting to the back of the possible hundreds of layers.

2, to determine the light: light to determine the words can simulate the film to shoot the Light method.

The main body of the tube here is one-sided main light, side auxiliary light mainly. The end of the seal can not be added to the top light but added will make the product more solid. Bottle caps are translucent, if you want to highlight the material, the product behind also need a light, will have a sense of permeability.

3. Start Painting:

The painting of light is not very technical, is the pen hook good type, and then Gaussian blur feather, layer by layer, a light is not a layer, as low as possible to do a few more than a few graphs stacked up, so that the transition will be more integrated, you can use filter color, multiply the layer pattern and so


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