Photoshop makes funny-style Christmas posters

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I heard that 2015 Christmas is coming, so hurry up and make a Christmas poster. I'll tell you how to make a quick picture of your own Christmas poster!

Final effect

First, the picture idea:

Second, the use of material:

Third, the beginning of production: A picture, there is a close-up/middle view/vision, the picture has a sense of hierarchy.

1, the first two pieces of background material to intercept a part of the synthesis of a new background, the furnace as the center of Vision.

< small map view big picture >

2, the new color to make the screen dark, and wipe out the main light source to retain the screen.

3, from the material map check out the table, and repair the clutter on the table, add light and shade.

4, in the form of a white rectangle, make a wall structure diagram, and then map up.

5, map all get up, according to the light source to add dark to the wall, so that the wall has a certain sense of space.

6, the Santa Claus material tick, here I think Santa Claus more funny point, make a big body small, then placed in the wall behind.

7, to do this step, I thought of the gourd doll, so he added a small leaf in the back of the head, and then to his hand and beard position add shadow part.

8, in view of Santa's clothing is too heavy color, give him to fill the color.

9, Santa Claus after the settlement, to add some Christmas elements to the wall, improve the festive atmosphere.

10, to the wall of the English alphabet to do a neon effect.

11, since the lamp has, the leaf can also do some projection and the effect of light.


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