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The production method of the effect chart is simpler, the shape or path can be used to quickly make the desired heart shape, and then the middle part of the heart shape is removed with the feather selection, leaving only the edge local transparency effect. After the heart shape is done, and then through the copy and deformation and so more heart shape, and finally with the gradient color.

Final effect

1. Create a new 600 * 500 size document with black background selected. Set the background to black, the foreground to white, with the system's own custom shape tool, select the heart shape, draw a white heart, as shown below.

2, right heart-shaped layer, select "Grid layer", hold down the CTRL key, the mouse clicks the thumbnail in front of the heart-shaped layer, pull out the selection. Feather selection 10-15 pixels, press DELETE to delete, press CTRL + D to cancel the selection, copy a layer, press CTRL + E to merge the layers downward to make the heart layer brighter.

3, copy the heart-shaped layer, press CTRL + T pull out the deformation box, the heart deformation small, transform angle, and adjust the position.

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