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Seal carving is a unique art in our country, which has a long history. Most of the ancient painters have their own unique style of seal to mark their works, after more than 2000 years of accumulation and development of predecessors, seal carving has gradually become a favorite art, a good seal is not only for their own work to mark, at the same time to balance the composition of the painting is also a very large role.

After Photoshop's intervention in the digital darkroom, we can use this powerful image processing software to simulate these seal-cutting effects and apply them to our photographic work, making our work more vivid at the same time.

  First, the commonly used methods and the composition of seal carving

The choice of text: seal carving Development to now, the choice of the text more for the following three kinds: 1, Oracle image. 2, Dazhuan. 3, Xiaozhuan.

Blade: Here Photoshop is talking about the cutting skill: the yin Carving and Yang Ke (Zhuwen and Bai), or both are used for the same seal. As for the traditional punching and cutting knives and the like here omitted.

Composition: The concept of art is very large, is the traditional seal of the main expression of the method, is a seal is the key to success, according to the different structure of the main: the actual situation, density, thickness, fangyuan ... and the print arrangement: Left to right, right to left, top to bottom, down to up and cross, and so on.

Ii. simulating the fruit of seal seals in Photoshop

In general, we can directly use the Xiaozhuan font in the library, of course, if you have information on hand will be more alive, but also can be copied some of the text you need, with DC remake or scan input computer to spare. Here is a practice: Create a new file in Photoshop (RGB), size according to their own needs, here is 60*60, square type.

Create a new layer as the current work layer, enter Xiaozhuan text: Do not laugh scholar, arranged by: Right to left up and down.

Select All (Ctrl + a) the layer, execute the Stroke command under the Edit menu, and in the pop-up dialog box: width = 4, foreground color = red, Position = center, mode = dissolve, opacity = 75, OK. (Note: The mode of this step can also = normal, opacity = 100, mainly look below).

Select the contents of the screen (CTRL + click the layer), execute the Filter menu--texture--Stained glass filter: Cell size = 2, border thickness = 4, light intensity = 3, OK.

Then execute the filter-twist-glass filter: Twist degree =14, smoothness =15, texture = small lens, zoom = 100, OK. Get the effect as figure Zhuwen.

Note: Photoshop production seal here only provides a thought, the production method varies from person to person, Photoshop main emphasis is the text layout should be reasonable, and use different filters to get the effect is not the same, the key is to see what effect, such as the base protruding, pen, note paper, copper carving, Texture (sandstone), tearing edge and so on can be selected.

Iii. use of seal seals

Method a good seal can be saved for later use, preferably in the PSD format. When you need to use the seal copy to the image to properly arrange the location and the size of the seal, the final layer blending mode in the "multiply" mode can be.

Method Two, there is also a lazy way: The Good seal all selected (must be square), execute the Edit menu--Define the brush, enter the name to determine after the general to use the seal, in the background layer based on a new layer, as long as the use of spray gun or brush tool, the foreground color is red, click on the new layer, Cover wherever you want. The seal is stamped on the new layer to make sure the seal size and position can be changed properly.
Note: The definition of the brush must be made when the seal of the background layer removed, with the rectangular selection tool to select a rectangle or square to define a brush, so as to ensure the transparency of the background.

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