Photoshop makes retro fantasy fonts tutorial

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Final Effect Diagram:

The first step: Create a shape

We will first create a 1200px x 1200px file.

We will create an abstract styling, using the Pen tool (P), something like mine below. Make sure you're doing a shape layer, not a path, and you can change this setting in the options bar.

Change the color (double-click the color selection box to open the Color Editor dialog box) to Blue (#017eff).

Step two: Add more shapes

We will repeat the shape layer, we just use CTRL + J to copy.

Select a color to change the color to bright yellow (#ffd801).

Using the Ctrl+t (free transform) converted shape, hold down the SHIFT key to keep the shape smaller than the original proportions.

Step three: Add more shapes

Repeat step 2. Change the first color to white (#000000) and second shape (pink fe0096 one).

Then apply the Move tool (V) and turn the white shape a little to the left.

Step Fourth: Add to shape stroke

Now let's go ahead and we're going to add the strokes in each shape. Click on the Add layer style below the layers panel, then stroke, Black (#000000), and a border size of 2. Then copy the layer style and paste each layer once.

Step Fifth: Create a text background

Mail a folder, named "Shape1", and then put all the layers you just made. Then in the copy out a new folder, named "Shape2".

In the "Shape2" Apply ctrl+t free change tool, to rotate it, you can choose the way you like, you can follow the image below.

Step Sixth: Complete the background of the text

Now we continue to copy the folder, use the free transform (ctrl+t), and then cover the canvas, and of course, there is a gap between them. Then fill the color on the background of the canvas (#017eff).

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