Photoshop makes retro orange neon glow-word effects

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The effect picture is the neon poster designed by the author, which includes the background, the frame, the neon word, the wire and so on. The text part makes the comparison classics, the different text uses the different layer style, the partial also adds some small adornment, such picture is very rich, vivid.

Final effect

1, new artboard width (W): 1000 pixel * Height (H): 800 pixel, resolution (R): 72 pixel/inch, color mode: RGB color 8, background: white.

2, shortcut key (T) input text, the text fills the base color yellow, the color value: fae475, the background color fills the black gradient.

3, new 2 hollow rectangles, respectively named: (bounding box) (inner box), do not know how to set the hollow rectangle? Let's take it one step at a moment. The above parameter can be obtained by a hollow rectangle with 6 dots (bounding box) and a smaller (inner frame) edge of 3 points.

4, the basic figure has been out, the following ready to start to make the effect, is the mixing option settings. First look at the effect is as follows.

5, the layer style is as follows: Use to strokes, color overlay, outer glow, bevel and relief.

6, the outer frame mixed layer specific parameters are as follows.

7, the inner frame mixing layer specific parameters are as follows.

8, under the background to add a barbed wire, so that the fluorescent word on the barbed wire above, add some texture, the effect of the following figure.

9, at this time your layer is not like this? Well, make sure you have a good habit of sorting.

10, I continue to talk about the principle of making grid ~ ~ is actually a fool-type. Create a new rectangular rectangle, and then the shortcut key (ctrl+j) copy a layer, then your layer will be more than a rectangular copy of the layer, right.

11, click on the layer rectangle copy (ctrl+t), and then press the shit key and then click the direction key to move to the right (how much distance you move, I moved a couple of times).

12, and then press ENTER! Finally, the historical moment! Press the shit+ctrl+alt+t, click you find one more layer, and finally form the bottom, right. Finally, the net is obtained by the above method.

13, right click on the layer of the network-mixing options, set some parameters such as figure.


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