Photoshop makes Spider-Man dash out notebook 3D effect chart

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Photoshop makes Spider-Man dash out Notebook 3D effect chart

The final effect.

This is a notebook material I found on the Internet.

Material packaging micro-disk download

Copy and paste it into Spider-Man.

Free to change its size and angle.

Hide the free change after the completion of Spider-Man. Strokes the path of the screen with rounded rectangles. If you have the time, you can adjust the path, try to make it match the screen, that's what I did.

Create a new path layer, continue to draw out the screen part of the Spider-Man, fingers where the more kung fu. Actually not very fine, because to later I will use the mask to do fine tuning.

Copy the screen and the selection of the shoulder from the path to add the mask to Spider-Man.

Copy a layer and change the Spider-Man's blending mode to multiply.

Add a "black and white" adjustment layer above.

Copy screen selection, in the black and white adjustment layer of the mask filled with 80% brightness of gray, I want to let the screen part of the saturation slightly lower, now I began to regret, should let the saturation of a little higher, the color is a bit too light.

The saturation of the part that was drilled out of the screen remained unchanged, so I continued to duplicate the selection of the hand and head in the path, feathering a pixel.

Fills the mask with black so that the outer part of the screen retains the original saturation completely.

Create a new layer above, fill it with white, and perform a filter-sketch-halftone pattern. I want to make an old-fashioned TV with a progressive flashing effect.

Ctrl+t the stripe layer to a little larger than the screen.

In the path, copy the selection of the screen and add a mask. Since the hand and the head are out of the screen, of course not affected by those stripes, so I copied the path of the hand, head and left shoulder of the selection, filled with black.

To the bottom of the Spider-Man color, in the mask with a white low transparency brush hand shadow and reflection carefully painted.

Because the pen is not very meticulous, the color layer of Spider-Man's fingers there are some light-colored edges, the same in the mask with a small black brush wipe carefully.

Continue to create a new layer, copy the hand and head of the selection, feather a pixel filled with any color, the fill transparency to 0, double-click into the layer style, in the "Layer Mask hide effect" tick before.

To add a gradient glow, here I'm going to make Spider-Man drill out of the section of the screen and the effect of the arc light produced by the display friction.

Add masks to erase parts of the screen.

Create a new layer on your notebook, smear some shadows on a black brush notebook, and make sure you have transparency.

Finally, create a new layer on the top floor, layer blending mode to "soft light", with a white brush to strengthen the high light, such as the left side of the head, arms and shoulders, as well as the left closest to the light of the two fingers should be coated with some high light, dark parts with a black brush painted a little.

It's done.

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