Photoshop makes "star Moon Flower" WordArt

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First look at the final effect:

Step one: "File-New" menu, (shortcut key CTRL + N) create a file with a white background and a resolution of 72 pixels per inch; Note: This file size is arbitrary, the last to reduce, set the effect see [figure 1];

The second step: Select the foreground color is 6434ff, use the Horizontal type tool to enter the text "Star Moon Flower"; set effect See [Figure 2], effect see [Figure 3];

The third step: Copy the text layer to get a copy of the text layer, "Layer-grid-text" menu, raster text copy layer, using the Eraser tool (shortcut key E) to remove unwanted parts, the effect see [Figure 4];

Step Fourth: Use the Mobile tool (shortcut key V) Drag the material 1, 2, 3 to the file and adjust to the appropriate position and size, the effect as shown in [Figure 5];

Fifth step: "Image-Image size" menu, shrink the picture, I am narrowing to 300x112 pixels, this step is to prevent sawtooth; set see [Figure 6], get effect see [Figure 7];

Sixth step: Pull a gradient from white to lavender (color code 381F3A) for the background; see results [figure 8];

Seventh step: Use the Brush tool (shortcut key B) in the text layer below the Starlight Brush, brush size I set is 95, the effect see [Figure 9];

Eighth step: Use the Layer-layer style menu, for text and flowers plus projection effect, set effect see [Figure 10], get effect see [Figure 11];

Nineth step: In order to make the text and decorative color better, in the text layer filled with a pure color for 6c00ff adjustment layer, mode for "filter color", get effect See [Figure 12];

Tenth step: Add a simple border to the picture, new layer Select all, edit-stroke menu white, 5 pixel, outside, set effect see [Figure 13], "Edit-Stroke" menu, select All, "Choose-Modify-shrink" shrink 2 pixels, set effect see [Figure 14], stroke 1 pixel color is 9000ff, Center side and set the pattern overlay effect, set effect see [Figure 15]; see results [Figure 16];

The 11th step: the preparatory work is over by now, "window-animation" Put the animation panel out, a new frame, the first frame shows the text layer, the effect see [Figure 17], the second frame shows modified text added decorative effect See [Figure 18]; Two frame delay time is 0.5 seconds;

12th step: Click on the "animation panel-Insert Animation" button, the implementation of the "file-storage Web format," set the effect as shown in [Figure 19];

Get the final effect diagram;

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