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Title word production is relatively complex, especially the font part, you need to draw on the paper first or in the PS slowly adjust to achieve beautiful and eye-catching effect, and then use the layer style and texture and other decorative, so that the text more visual impact.

 Final effect

1. Create a new 900 * 500 pixel, a resolution of 72 of the canvas, open the background material, drag in, adjust the blending mode and opacity.

Open the text material, drag in place, you can also enter the text you want.

2, to the text appropriate deformation.

3, in the deformation of the text on the line to make a little effect, bevel relief, inner shadow, gradient overlay settings, parameters and effects of the following figure.

4, this step is to perform outside the wrapping effect, the first deformation of a good glyph to stroke, about 5-6 or so, the general stroke edge are relatively smooth, then need to be patient to repair the edge, the original smooth edge to deal with the shape of the general Hale.

5, this step to strengthen the outsourcing edge of the texture, will be outsourced edge of the texture such as rust, parameters set as follows.

6, the previous operation of a few steps together, we can look at the effect of the following diagram, the following treatment is basically the details of the description.

7, the deformation of a good font for detail characterization, online can find some similar metal texture, adjust the layer styles stacked in the glyph.

< small map view big picture >

8, can be processed according to the screen tones to select the color of light, the light stacked into the glyph, so that the entire text more texture.

Final effect:

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