Photoshop makes the winter glass mist on the handwriting font effect

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This effect you often see, winter outdoor temperature is very cold, so there is a layer of mist and frost on the window, and then can directly use handwritten font, today is to learn this effect, like friends to learn together.

Look at the effect chart first.

First step:

Open PS, create a new document, use 2560*1440 pixel size, after this step, I filled the entire background layer with dark gray.

Step Two:

Open Window – Brush panel, we create a brush to make the drop effect. Follow the settings in the picture below to note that an important step is to turn the brush into an oval and use the soft corner brush. "The original picture shows the brush size of 25px, but as far as I'm testing the point in this big canvas is just bucket, so I changed the brush size to 100, but 120 might be better."

Step Three:

New layer, new group, drag new layer to group, change layer group blending mode to color Dodge, use brush tool, set foreground color to white, draw some water droplets "can draw more." As you can see, the distance between these dots determines the edges of some dots and other blends. This is important to make water droplets more lifelike.

Fourth Step:

Select the background layer and the layer group that contains the drop layer, merge layers "personal advice not to merge, but to seal layers, PS merge layers need to be cautious", and then select Image-Adjust-levels (ctrl+l), change the input levels in the Black slider value is 124, white slider value of 161 (not absolute value, Just make the edge of the water droplets no longer blurred

Fifth Step:

Select the Black section with the Magic Wand tool, click Select – The selection is similar to make sure all black areas are selected, and then press DELETE gracefully! Then hide the group 1.

Sixth step:

Import a photo "mom, the egg writer started out with a big canvas so I found a big picture. =_= recommend you go to material China to find HD pictures, I now found that in the computer to store the picture is too silly, or" the picture is used to find the "best, placed under the water droplets layer, copy a layer of photos, because this picture we will use several times.

Seventh Step:

Filters – Blur – Gaussian blur, 20px radius.

Eighth Step:

Right-click photo layer, blending options, add color overlay effect, with a darker gray overlay, set opacity 60%.

Nineth Step: Now we add a layer style effect to the drip layer. Right-click on the drop layer, blending options. 1. Set the fill opacity to 0. 2. Inner shadow, white, linear Dodge, opacity 50%, Angle 90 (remove global light), distance 3 pixels, size 5 pixels, change contour to cone. 3. Bevel

Nineth Step:

Now we add a layer style effect to the drop layer. Right-click on the drop layer, blending options.

1. Set the fill opacity to 0.

2. Inner shadow, white, linear Dodge, opacity 50%, Angle 90° (remove global light), distance 3 pixels, size 5 pixels, change contour to cone.

3. Bevel and Emboss, depth 350%, direction for down, size 7 pixels, soften 5 pixels, shadow angle 54°, Height 42° (remove global light), the gloss contour changed to "concave-deep", high light mode is white, opacity 80%, color fade, shadow mode is black, opacity 55%, multiply the bottom.

4. Inner glow, blending mode for dimming, opacity 40%, black, edge, size 25 pixel.

5. Color overlay, #907f72, opacity 45%, mixed mode color dodge.

6. Projection, multiply bottom, black, opacity 20%, Angle 90° (remove global light), distance 9 pixels, expand 5%, size 10 pixels.

Tenth step:

Find a picture layer that is not blurred, use Gaussian blur, radius 5 pixels, hold down the CTRL single strokes drop layer thumbnail, load the selection, select the 5-pixel blurred photo layer, and click the Mask button to turn the selection into a mask. Then drag it underneath the drip layer.

11th Step:

Select Layer Mask, add motion blur, Angle -90°, distance 80 pixels.

Adjust the color levels to adjust the black and white input values to remove the blurred edges.

Now you can see that we've created something like a water droplet sliding down the glass.

12th Step:

Copy a layer We blurred the picture of 5 pixels, delete the mask, now we start to write with our fingers on the glass ~ Of course not really let you reach out your finger! Press Q to enter the quick mask, use the brush tool, write a few letters on the screen, press Q again to exit the quick mask, and write the words into the constituency, but the reverse, So press ctrl+shift+i and then click the Day Mask button to be OK.

13th Step:

Copy a 5-pixel blurred photo layer, delete the mask, create a new mask, select the filter – Render – The cloud, which allows the mist to add cloud texture and adjust the color bands in the mask to make it look more realistic.

14th Step:

Finally select all photo layers, stamped, Gaussian blur 5 pixels, blending mode to overlay, opacity 40%. Change the blending mode to filter by copying the layer you just stamped.

15th Step:

Creates a new layer at the top, fills a radial gradient of gray around the center white, and changes the blending mode to a multiply. Add a dark angle to the photo.

Final Effect Diagram:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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