Photoshop makes three-dimensional plexiglass text

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First look at the final effect chart:

The specific production steps are as follows:

2, input text "3d", the size set to 220 points. Then the layer-grid-text is executed, and the text layer is grid-formatted.

3. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the text layer thumbnail to load the text selection. Perform selection-Modify-extend expands the selection outward by 20 pixels, presses the ctrl+delete key to fill the background color (white), and then presses CTRL+D to cancel the selection.

4, press the ctrl+t to display the bounding box. Click the right mouse button, select Perspective, select the upper right corner of the control level to the right to move, into a trapezoidal look. And then free to change, will be compressed text. Finally hold down SHIFT and drag the control point in the upper-right corner to enlarge the text.

5, select the Mobile tool, hold down the ALT key, and then press the direction key of the "next Key" 40 times, copy the 40 copy layer. Then select all the copy layers and hold down ctrl+e to merge the layers. Get the 3d copy 40 layer and move it below the "3d" layer.

6, double click "3d Copy 40" This layer, open Layer Style dialog box, add "color overlay" and "inner glow" effect, specific settings parameters see picture.

7, double click "3d" layer, open Layer Style dialog box, add "gradient overlay" and inner glow effect to it, the concrete setting parameter see picture. (Note: Here the gradient overlay is set to a black to gray gradient, the gradient transition demarcation is clearer, note the settings here, adjust the four slider, in turn, black-black-gray-gray, the left is black, the right is gray, and then the middle of the two black and gray slider position to 75% position, heavy together.

8, click on Layer 1 small eyes, hide it, hold down ctrl+alt+shift+e stamped visible layer, get new Layer 2, execute filter-blur-Gaussian blur, value 27. Then move it to layer 1, open the layer 1 's small eye and show layer 1.

9, adjust the opacity of Layer 2 to 46%, use the mobile tool to move it to the lower right, so that it becomes the shadow of the text.

10, at this point, the completion of this tutorial, the following is the final effect of the picture.

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